Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Decorating with Apples

Apples on a Cake Plate
Hi Guys,

Pumpkins and Mums
Fall in New England. There is nothing quite like it in the world. The tour busses are lined up in Lexington Center taking in the history on their way up to Vermont, New Hampshire, or Maine. Peak leaf peeping season hasn't quite hit us because we've had a very warm fall.

Leaves and Pumpkins
Our Deck
I've included some shots of trees that have or are starting to turn color. I also included pictures of some of the ways my neighbors have decorated their homes with fall plants and pumpkins.

Wreath Made Out of Apples
Apples in a Decorative Bowl
Apples in a Line on a Tray
Since this is officially apple season, I've shown you some ways to decorate using apples. I chose to use Granny Smith apples, but you can use any kind of apples you desire. They not only look good, but they  give off a lovely fragrance, are inexpensive, and last longer than fresh flowers. You can decorate your kitchen, dining room, or your living room. You can put a big bowl of apples in your entry or make a wreath to hang on your front door. Remember to tell your family that these are for decoration and not for eating, otherwise your centerpiece may be gone in a day or two.

Hollowed out Apples with Tea Lights
If you are going to have a party, hollow out a few apples and insert tea lights and line them up down the center of your table, or set them around the room, or around the food. These apples will only last a few hours, so do this right before you plan to use them.

Have fun with apples...they're not just for eating.

That's my tip for today.

Trees Beginning to Turn
Trees Turning Color

A Beautiful Maple Tree

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